About Scoot

At Scoot, our goal is to empower a community to discover, complete and share outdoor activities. Our focus is on human-powered sports like hiking, running and cycling where you navigate from point to point.

Our community drives our content. Members use Scoot to discover new community-rated hikes, runs and rides. They read detailed guides with walkthroughs, photos, maps and charts. Then they download the guide to their smartphone to go out and do it. Afterwards they rate the activity and the guide content, sharing their experience with the community. Those who want to can author new guides for others to discover.

From cities to remote wilderness, roads and designated trails to routes over open terrain, the world is full of interesting and rewarding places to explore. Whether you're looking for natural beauty or a challenging workout Scoot can help you find it. Get outside, see the world, share your adventures.

About us

Scoot is brought to you by a small team in San Francisco and Sacramento, CA. If you'd like to get involved let us know.

Contact us

Send questions or comments to writeus@scoot.io